Opening Your Own Bakery


Do you have a baking addiction and would also like to turn it into a profitable business? It can be a very lucrative idea, especially if you are a skilled baker and have exceptional entrepreneurial skills. To make your bakery business profitable in this industry, you need to understand how to plan and effectively run the company. To generate enough revenue in order to stay in business, planning is very essential. The following steps will help you to learn how to open your own bakery.

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How To Become a Chef?


If you are passionate about cooking and would like to make it your profession, then consider becoming a chef. The career of a chef can be really rewarding, but the path to becoming one is also not that easy. It involves long hours and there’s heavy competition. But as a chef you will have the opportunity to run a kitchen or you could go further and run a restaurant. To start your career as a chef, you will need the following education and experience.  Continue Reading

Staying Healthy With the Foods You Eat

healthy eating

Our health greatly depends on the foods we eat. But healthy eating does not mean following strict dietary limitations or avoiding the foods that you love. Eating healthy is more about the foods that give you energy and make you feel great. By following some simple health-building principles you can achieve looking your best and feeling great. Continue Reading

Working as a Sous Chef in Oahu

I realized my passion for food and cooking at a very young age. I remember that instead of asking my parents for a dollhouse for Christmas when I was 5 years old, I wanted a kitchen playhouse set instead. Much to my parents' chagrin, I decided to study cookery after I graduated from high school. They disapproved of my chosen career path because they saw food as a necessity and not as something to make a career out of. But I was determined to pursue a career in the food industry so despite their protests, I embarked on my journey to become a chef.

After I graduated from culinary school, I moved to Oahu because I got a job in the kitchen of one of the most popular chefs in the world. Since I was a fresh graduate, I had to start at the bottom of the ladder and in the kitchen, that meant washing dishes and peeling potatoes. After working like that for more than a year, I finally got promoted as sous chef.

Being promoted from dishwasher slash potato peeler in the restaurant I worked in was a big achievement because one, it was very rare for anyone to last more than six months there. Two, it meant the executive chef saw a lot of potential in you. On the day I was notified of my promotion, I was awarded with one of the most coveted set of knives a sous chef could ever have. 

My knife skills were put to the test that very day. I was tasked to prep 10lbs of chicken breasts for that day's dinner service. That meant  hours of deboning and filleting. Thankfully, I had the best fillet knife for the job (click here to know more about fillet knives) and that allowed me to get it done in time.

I worked as a sous chef in Oahu for 3 years before I was offered to take over the kitchen of an up and coming restaurant in Seattle. I lived in the beautiful island for a little over 5 years. Throughout that time, I was able to build solid friendships with the locals. I even picked up some awesome surfing skills with the help of my friends.  

Fast forward to today, I am due to fly back to Oahu to work as a visiting chef in some of the restaurants there. I will be staying there for a couple of months so I'm thinking of buying myself a surfboard so I can ride the waves during my free time. So aside from researching for ideas on dishes I will be serving while I'm there, I am also in looking for the best surfboards based on the buying tips at If you didn't know, Oahu is one of the top surfing destinations in the world. I can't very well show up on the beach with a mediocre board — my local friends will have a field day at making fun of me.

I am very excited for my trip because not only will I be spending a couple of months doing what I love most – cooking and surfing – but I will also be able to experience the offerings of the restaurants that have sprouted in Oahu since I was last there. Of course, I am also looking forward to sharing my experiences here on my food blog. 

Is The Condition of Your Kitchen Making You Sick?

If you are like most people, you spend a considerable amount of time in your kitchen. The kitchen is where you cook and eat your meals, visit with friends, and enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Keeping your kitchen clean can be difficult to do, but cleanliness in your kitchen is of utmost importance. A messy kitchen can be an embarrassment when people are visiting. And your kitchen may be making you sick. A kitchen with food crumbs and mold can affect your personal health and wellness.

Places Where Kitchen Messes Lurk

  • Around the edges of your sink.
  • In your refrigerator or freezer.
  • Underneath your stove.
  • Between your stove or refrigerator and cabinets.
  • On the shelves of your pantry.

Negative Health Effects of a Messy Kitchen

  • Mold around the sink can cause sinus problems.
  • Food droppings can attract mice and other rodents which can leave droppings on your food.
  • Food droppings on your kitchen counter or behind appliances may attract ants and other insects. These insects can leave behind detritus or droppings on your countertops and food, and this can cause serious health problems.
  • Mold in your refrigerator or freezer may affect the quality of your food, causing gastrointestinal problems or illness.
  • How To Determine if Your Kitchen May Be a Health Hazard

    There are many ways to determine if your kitchen may be ground zero for your health woes. First, problems with your sinuses may indicate the presence of mold around your sink, in your refrigerator, or on your countertops. The problem here: other areas around your home or workplace may be causing allergies and sinus problems.

    If you are experiencing an upset stomach on a regular basis, then you may have a problem with keeping your food fresh in your fridge or on your countertops. Again, it may be difficult to accurately assess if your unclean kitchen is causing your upset stomach or health problems since gastrointestinal distress may be caused by other factors not related to your kitchen.

    The presence of ants or other insects and pests is a good indication that your messy kitchen is causing your health problems. Ants are attracted to your kitchen by food; open containers or food crumbs on the counter are prime targets for insects and pests.

    Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

    If you suspect your kitchen may be causing your health problems, first, do a thorough cleaning job. Wipe down all surfaces with a bleach based cleanser, and make sure your refrigerator is kept clean.

    Check behind appliances and in the crevices between counters and cabinets for food crumbs that may be attracting ants or insects. If you do find evidence of ants, be sure to clean the area of any food crumbs.

    There are home remedies for sugar ants (the kind you are most likely to find in a kitchen) and pest control, and you may wish to try them if you find ants. But the most effective way to manage your ant or insect problem in your kitchen is to hire a professional exterminator service to help rid your kitchen of the pests.

    Your kitchen can provide you with years of happiness in your home, but if your kitchen is not kept clean, you may suffer serious health problems. Keeping your kitchen free from mold, food crumbs, and ants can help keep you feeling your best and feeling healthy for many years.

Invading the Food Truck Scene in Atlanta

I had a little accident at the restaurant about 3 months ago that lead to a broken tooth. I was rushing through dinner service that I didn't see the slippery sign in the sous chef area. I slipped, landed on my back, and the cast iron frying pan that I was holding flew to the air and landed on my face. I know, it sounds ridiculously funny but that's what really happened.

Anyway, I was due for an extended visit to my sister in Atlanta the following day. Instead of making arrangements to see my regular dentist, I hopped online to look for clinics that offered veneers in Atlanta and landed on Through the site, I was able to gather a list of cosmetic dentists in the city who I would call once I reached my sister's home.

I had a hidden agenda behind paying my sister an extended visit and it wasn't getting veneers, that was just an unfortunate happenstance. I had heard so much about the food truck scene being spearheaded by The Atlanta Street Food Coalition. As you may well know by now, I am a big fan of street food because I feel it is the best way to experience the heart and soul of a particular place or in this case, the local cuisine.

First however, I needed get my teeth fixed. After all, I am a girl and like any typical girl, I am very conscious about my appearance. As soon as I arrived at my sister's house and after giving hugs and kisses to my nieces, I started calling up the clinics on my list. When my sister realized what I was doing, she looked over the list of dentists I got from She told me she got porcelain veneers in Atlanta from a dentist that was included in my list and if I wanted, she could get me an appointment that very afternoon. Three hours later, the dentist had already made a cast of my teeth, filled up a job order form for porcelain veneers, and fitted me with temporary ones that could last until my permanent ones were ready. With that out of the way, I could finally sit back and enjoy my visit.

My sister knows me well enough to know that there is nothing I enjoy more than good food. Without my having to tell her, she drove straight to Blackburn Park so we check out the Blackburn Food Truck night. Apparently, food truck events in Atlanta happen every day and you can enjoy a different fare each time.

The next 3 weeks was one of the most gastronomical experiences I have ever had in all my years as a food blogger. There were big food events every weekend and it seemed like the city always had something to celebrate with a food festival. Who knew that Atlanta was such as haven for food bloggers? Of course, you can expect that I went to almost every single one of those events during my stay.

I was both sad and relieved when it was time for me to go home. Sad because I was going to miss the company of my sister and her family but relieved because it meant I could finally stop eating so much. Believe it or not, I gained 10lbs in the 3 weeks that I was in Atlanta! I'm still trying to shed them off after 2 months. As for my veneers, I went back to the dentist's clinic 3 days before I was scheduled to fly back home. I must say, I'm very impressed. They look and feel so natural that it's like nothing ever happened. 

Why You Should Try Detox Cleanse at Least Once a Year

It’s not about purging nor crash dieting. The detox cleanse has rapidly gained popularity all over the world because of the short term commitment needed to maintaining the program. Unlike other diets which require eating a specific kind of food for extended periods of time, a detox cleanse can last anywhere from one to seven days and requires the intake of only fruit and vegetable juices. There’s a specific sequence of fruit and vegetable concoctions to take, and this prepares the body to release toxins and other harmful substances that have accumulated over the years, or over the holidays.

A step up from simple juicing

Juicing has now become a way of life. A few years back people would have said that they would not be caught dead drinking vegetable juice such as kale or beet root, but the health benefits of juicing have been extolled from social media to television to the evening news. Some people say it gives them a fresh burst of energy; others claim that it has helps them get over arthritis, constipation, diabetes and other conditions. The popularity of juicing has also led to a slew of products – blenders and juicers with more power than ever before. Additionally, juicing bars also opened up. These beverage and healthy food cafes offer everything from fruit juices for kids to smoothies to power drinks specifically made for detox.

If you are interested in trying out the detox cleanse, you can start slowly by trying it out first. Spend a normal day eating regular meals but replace your soda or coffee with healthy juices. There are countless concoctions to try – there’s the cleansing, energizing, rejuvenating, as well as a post-workout blend. The juices also range in consistency from almost clear to thick and syrupy. For beginners, the milder “tea-like” infusions are recommended such as lemon and ginger with honey. Others dive right into the carrot-pineapple-cucumber combination for more energy. For post-holiday hangovers, the tomato juice-pepper-celery combination is sure to get your system up and running in no time.

When you’ve become more comfortable with drinking juices, you can try going on the longer and more challenging cleanse. A full detox cleanse can last for a few days and will entail drinking only vegetable and fruit juices. Some spices like pepper and cinnamon are sometimes added to the blends because of their health benefits.

You can prepare for a detox cleanse by staying at home on the required days. It’s not because you will be going to the bathroom non-stop but rather to keep you from being tempted to eat. Schedule a long weekend for this or just keep the cleanse at one to two days for starters. Some people I know do the cleanse every three months. They say it re-sets their systems and makes them feel better. Others do a cleanse once a month for general well-being. It’s really all up to you.

Do it with friends

If you’ve done a spa party with your friends, you can do a weekend cleanse too. I was once invited to a charming little party in Oxford Alabama hosted by a friend who owns these apartments . We got an apartment for the weekend and a group of girls and I spent the time talking, doing make overs and other fun things during the cleanse.

A detox cleanse is exactly what you need to jump start your system and make you feel better at the start of the year. If you’re as passionate about juicing and cleanses as I am, you can start your own website and seek the help of this excellent Anniston SEO company on how to promote your site and help more people learn about the benefits of juicing.

Quick Lunches Can Be Healthy Lunches

I used to have an office job for a successful telephone service provider. I found that I would often bring some of the most horrendous unhealthy foods in to eat during my lunch break. I eventually started to pile on the pounds, and it wasn’t surprising. Sitting down in front of a computer all day and snacking on junk food wasn’t great for my health. Healthy eating can be incredibly challenging when you sit at a desk all day, but certainly not impossible! Rushing from never ending tasks to meetings can often prompt you to make quick, and often unhealthy food decisions. It may seem that a variety of food options are limited, however healthy food is all around and I would like to help you choose them.

Healthy eating is not always about strict dietary limits, or to remain unrealistically skinny, or even going to great lengths of depriving yourself of foods you love. It’s all about feeling good, having tons of energy, and being able to stabilize your mood. If you are overwhelmed by the range of diet advice and conflicting nutrition out there, then you aren’t alone. It can seem that for every professional who tells you that a particular food is good for you, you will always discover another saying the entirely opposite. By using some of these simple tips, you can bypass all the confusion and finally discover ways to create a varied, tasty and healthy diet.

Set yourself for success

Firstly you need to set yourself for success, you must first think about organizing a healthy diet as a few, small, manageable steps instead one enormous drastic change. If you accept the changes slowly and with genuine commitment, you will soon gain a healthy diet sooner than you would imagine.


Rather than being worried about counting calories or measuring up countless portion sizes, imagine your diet in terms of variety, color and freshness. Using this technique you should find it considerably easier to create healthy choices. It’s recommended to focus on discovering foods that you love and simple recipes that incorporate a small majority of fresh ingredients. Eventually, your diet will develop into a delicious and healthier one.

Start gradually and make alterations to your eating habits slowly over time. If you try to make your diet healthy within one day isn’t realistic. Altering everything suddenly and all at once commonly leads to cheating on your new eating plan cheating or giving up entirely. Make tiny steps, such as adding a salad (full of a variety of different colored vegetables) to your diet each day or perhaps swapping out butter for olive oil when cooking. Your tiny changes will soon become habit, then you can carry on adding healthier options to your new diet.

Each change you decide to make will improve your diet. You don’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to entirely eliminate foods that you love to experience a healthy diet. The goal is to make you feel great and reduce the risks of serious health conditions and diseases.


Water is known to help flush out our systems of toxins and waste products, yet many of us go through the entire day unknowingly dehydrated. Being dehydrated causes low energy, tiredness and headaches. Many people mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger, this means staying hydrated will help you feel full and aid you in making healthy food choices.


It’s recommended to find something to keep yourself active and something that you can enjoy doing. The benefits of exercise are plentiful and regular exercise is known to help motivate people.

Sick for a few days (and the things I tried to help relieve my stomach pain)

I was feeling pretty lousy this week – had a bit of stomach trouble (not going to elaborate – you know what I mean) and I was basically out of commission for a few days. I don’t often get sick – I pride myself on living and eating healthy, and I’m not sure if I was really sick or if I just ate something bad and my stomach paid the price. In any case, I’m sure everyone would agree that being sick sucks and while having a healthy lifestyle can drastically reduce the number of times you get sick in any given year, obviously everybody succumbs to this kind of stuff from time to time.

So I was feeling awful – had nausea and other standard stomach bug symptoms – and I really wanted to get over it quickly, so I set off on an internet deep dive on how to alleviate stomach issues. The first thing I found (obviously) was WebMD, and predictably the site suggested I might have Esophageal Cancer (among other things obviously – I just find it hilarious that WebMD scares millions of people every year by always suggesting cancer as a possible cause of whatever symptom they have). WebMD suggested I go to the doctor, but I didn’t feel it was bad enough to warrant that. I guess I could’ve gone to the pharmacy and bought some stuff over the counter, but as you guys probably know already I’m not the biggest fan of the pharmaceutical industry and I basically try to avoid taking pharmaceutical products unless I literally feel like I’m going to die. I came across this pretty useful page on stomach problems on this site – it looked legit to me because they kept on stressing the importance of focusing on prevention through healthy living. I found a lot of other sites that were just ‘Drink a glass of wheatgrass’ or ‘eat some kale’ without any explanation of why it might work – and I’m automatically suspicious of those kind of sites that claim to offer some miraculous cure to whatever your symptoms are.

So I checked out this page on Home is Where the Health is and saw that they had a huge range of things that I could try to help relieve my nasty stomach bug. A lot of the general lifestyle/diet stuff that they recommend is stuff that I pretty much do already, so I skipped ahead to the home remedies stuff to look for ways to help relieve my stomach pain. The first thing they said to try was peppermint tea – I had some in the pantry, so I tried that and it definitely helped a bit with settling my stomach. I mean, it could obviously just be the placebo effect, but as far as I was concerned, anything that would have made me feel better in that moment was great, placebo or not. They also suggested that someone experiencing stomach pain should try lying flat on their back and pulling their knees up to their chest – it sounds silly, I know, but I tried it and it actually did help with reducing the pain a bit.

So, no miracle cures, but I didn’t expect one anyways, and the things that site recommended definitely helped with pain relief. Anyway, for those of you who’re worried that I have Esophageal Cancer, you can all calm down as I’m pretty much back to 100% now. Even felt good enough to go on a run today – that actually really helped me feel a lot better. Maybe it’s the endorphins. Endorphins are the real miracle cure =p.

Anyways dear readers, that’s all from me today, and until next time, keep eating/living healthy!

What To Eat When Losing Weight for Your First MMA Fight

Losing weight the proper way is by not any special diet, but a lifestyle change. No one can stay on a diet forever, so when he or she reaches his or her weight loss goal from a specific diet.

The Paleo Diet, used for taking off a quick five to ten pounds for competitions, the weight, most times gradually creeps back. In order for him or her to decide upon a healthy style of eating, they need to monitor what they into their body versus a focus on the limit of one’s intake.

When he or she follows a lifestyle change of eating on a daily basis for the rest of their life, there is no problem with keeping the weight loss off. One important factor to losing weight and keeping it off is exercise. Quick weight loss for a fighter or even weight loss for lifestyle changes will not be successful unless exercise is part of the equation for weight loss.

When talking about martial arts and upcoming fights keep in mind that there is a difference between just cutting weight for scheduled bouts versus losing weight. When a martial arts fighter needs to lose weight for an upcoming fight, they need to lose from five to ten pounds in 24-hours. This is the difference of cutting weight versus bring weight permanently within a normal body weight range.

A martial arts fighter relies on a Paleo Diet/Challenge of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. This is the foundation of a fighter’s diet. It is also the foundation for permanent weight loss. He or she benefits greatly if they eat water based foods such as oranges and watermelon. Avoid foods that contain a lot starch such as bananas. Raw vegetables such as carrots, spinach, kale, celery, broccoli in large amounts offers a full feeling without the calories.

Nuts are a great source of protein; however, nuts can be a bit tricky. The beloved peanut is actually from the bean family. True nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, Brazil nuts and almonds offer an abundance of benefits to the body, avoid peanuts. Do not let the nuts go to your head. Keep a jar of nuts available, grab a handful of nuts and walk away, do not keep snacking until the jar is empty.

The Palo Diet avoids any foods that call for cooking such as raw meats, eggs, potatoes and beans. Besides, it is unhealthy to eat these foods raw. He or she needs to avoid sodium as this makes the body retain fluids. Drink at least 128-ounces or 16-eight ounce glasses of water per day and more when working out and exercising.

Breakfast has always been the most significant meal of the day because it jump starts his or her metabolism. Remember not to use this meal as a feast. Just use common sense. It is vital to plan a breakfast, lunch, midday, and evening meal. Be sure to develop good eating habits such as, eat slowly, and leave the table sufficiently full. Allow the stomach from feeling full.

Add the Paleo Diet to a lifestyle change in eating patterns and the weight lost before a fight likely remains off the body. After the fighter loses five to ten pounds of weight before the fight they need to remain on a lifestyle eating pattern such as by adding more poultry, fish, beans, raw vegetables, fruit, and dairy products. Avoid less red meat. Amounts can be determined by following the basic food pyramid.

The way in which foods are prepared can make or break a healthy lifestyle for eating. Avoid fried foods and foods with thick coatings of batter. Rule of thumb for healthy living is to bake, broil or grill meats. When fresh vegetables are cooked, steam the vegetables and do not boil the life out of them, as this eliminates all of the valuable nutrients.

“Supplements are helpful, such as protein drinks, a good multiple-vitamin and mineral. This is recommended because not all raw foods contain all the vitamins and minerals he or she requires for a healthy body.”Kit Dale Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach and Personal Trainer

A Kitchen Upgrade Means a Health Upgrade

I recently spoke to a great friend of mine whom I knew was trying to lose weight and get healthy for some time now. She was telling me about all the things she had done over the last year to get into the best shape of her life. Sharon has done a complete turnaround from the person she was a year ago and I was so impressed to learn about her progress.

She lost weight, cleaned up her diet, and began to make some amazing changes that will surely add years to her life. She got a kick start with a natural energy supplement and then after seeing some progress with her weight loss went on to follow a pretty stringent exercise program that was tailored to her age group.

What I found so interesting was that she not only made changes to her diet and exercise routine she also enacted change to her lifestyle. This I believe is key when you want to have a lasting change in your life.
I was particularly interested in her new kitchen upgrade; she had a reverse osmosis unit installed. I had heard of reverse osmosis but not since high school. She raved about how pure her water was so I decided to do a bit of research myself.

Reverse Osmosis is a process by which your regular tap water is forced through various filters to clean and purify it. These little units can fit under your kitchen sink or for ease of filter changes they can be installed in a basement. Water is pushed through up to 7 different filters and emerges from a separate tap on your kitchen sink clean, clear, and free of contaminants. The RO unit also has a little holding tank that usually contains about three gallons of pure water so you don’t have to wait for the process to take place before getting a glass of H2O.

They are fairly efficient and need no electricity to operate. They are reasonably priced with the most expensive ones coming in around $500 and many high quality units selling for $200. The key to remember is that all reverse osmosis systems do the same thing for the most part you pay more for the quality of the filters. Also remember that you can have from four to seven filters. Depending on what water issues you have you may be able to get by with four or if you have very poor water you may need all seven. Check out this home improvement website for a great article on reverse osmosis and their top recommendations for affordable reverse osmosis units.

I have to say that I love Sharon’s new look and am so proud of her amazing health improvements but I am a bit jealous of her fancy new ro unit. Now that I have done my research and know that I can get this healthy upgrade for well under $500 I think I may have a new Tap Master or iSpring system in my near future too!

Let’s Talk Organic!

I’ve been doing research on and off for the last 2 years about eating organic. And even though I’m totally into budgeting our food every month and eating organic can be expensive – it’s totally worth it. Pesticides are chemicals that are used to control or eliminate a variety of agricultural pests. Insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, etc are all pesticides used to kills weeds and rodents. And if they are killing weeds and rodents what the hell do you think they do to your innards when you eat the food they are sprayed on?! So obviously, we have become an organic family. With a budget of $900 per month to eat. In the beginning of my “we only eat organic” rave – we weren’t eating very much. I think my husband thought my intention was to starve us. We weren’t eating very much quantity of food because I had a hard time keeping our budget at $900 and getting very much food in our house. Vegetables are ridiculously expensive and try buying sourced meat for a decent price! (I shouldn’t say “decent” price because you can never put a price on great health – but sourced meat isn’t cheap!) So I really had to spend a lot of time doing research about where I should buy locally – and yes, I actually have to do some driving around and some coupon clipping to make it work.

That was until a few months ago… I was doing some research about whey protein because our boys are completely allergic to soy. And after researching soy I will never put that in my body again either! Anyhow… I have been looking for the best source of protein and I definitely have to settle on whey. Undenatured whey protein. I’m a big “protein shake” girl and I found the best way to get whey into your body is to find the best absorption rate. Long story short I gotta go with Isagenix protein shakes. I found this girl online at It’s a super funny and informative website which caught my eye so I decided to give her a call. She actually answered my call and spent about 30 minutes on the phone with me talking about her kids and how the protein works and the results they have seen.

So – now we all have a shake for breakfast which costs $11 for breakfast every day. Perfect organic meal for cheap-O cost. That leaves me $570 per month for lunch and dinner. My husband has actually increased my budget by $150 so now I’m up to $1,150 that I get to spend so it’s super easy. I often will have another shake for lunch for $2.85 or a protein bar from that is $3. Then I serve him a huge steak for dinner and he thinks I’m the Queen. In the meantime I’m getting slim and trim and I feel amazing!

Eating organic is not cheap by any means but the long term benefits far outweigh the costs (i.e. disease, sickness, chronic ailments and just plain not feeling your best!). I definitely pick and choose what we decide to buy organic which takes some education but I have noticed a difference in my families health and wellbeing and to me that is 100% worth it!

What to eat to help the body recover after a hard training session

Knowing what to eat to become more fit and in shape is imperative, but knowing what to eat after a hard training session can be equally if not more important. Most mistakes are made when the body is not rehydrated properly. Apart from stretching and drinking water to relax the body’s muscles, it is necessary to eat foods with high protein as well so that energy can be restored.

To start out, most individuals who complete a training session should know that injuries can become more common if their diet does not consist of good quality foods. For example, foods that are not solid and have a lot of carbs in them can make a person become dehydrated a lot quicker. This can lead to bloating and an upset stomach. Ways a person who is training can avoid this would be to eat real food. Real food doesn’t mean processed food. Nowadays there is a lot of processed chicken and beef that is easily accessible on the shelf. It is priced fairly cheap and encourages people to buy it. The downfall to this is that it doesn’t carry the same amount of nutrition as the traditional chicken and would not give you the same amount of energy your body typically needs. Eating baked chicken, steak and fish however can have more positive effects.

Protein shakes are not always considered the healthiest because of some side effects that may occur down the line. There are other shakes or drinks that are more natural you can make. Start out by adding ice and a little water into a blender. Adding water versus milk allows the drink to enter and exit your body much easier and quicker. It can flush out your system leaving you less likely to get sick over time.

If you are looking for something fruity and somewhat sweet, feel free to add in some strawberries, grapes, or mangos. Don’t add any extra sugar to sweeten the shake because it will only defeat the purpose of your constant training. Any extra sugar will turn into fat and the training will be for nothing. In addition to this, water isn’t the only thing you should want to have in your diet. Sodium can help in ways to prevent cramps, keeps a steady heartbeat as well as helps your brain activity function well. Too much sodium may not be as healthy, but having a significant amount can make all the difference.

All in all, it is important for people to be educated on the ins and outs of what to eat and how to remain healthy after a hard training session. Remember to avoid sugars and breads, and focus on solid foods such as protein, vegetables and water. All of these foods will give you the amount of energy your body needs and will keep you physically able to do what you want to do.

Never sell yourself short by cheating in your diet because in the end there can be consequences at stake.” – Alan Belcher Personal Trainer and Professional Fighter.

Healthy Eating Tips For Expecting Moms

As my readers know, I’m all about living a healthy life and choosing a diet that helps promote that. One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my readers is how they should eat while pregnant. We all know that the nine months of maternity leading up the birth of a child are a crucial development time and that diet plays a huge role in how it turns out. Women find themselves in a situation where they’re now taking in more calories than they’re used to, and have different cravings than ever before. This can be a jarring time in a woman’s life when it comes to eating, but there are some tried and true tips that every expecting mother should take to heart. Below I’ll discuss some of my favorite tips to give to mothers who are concerned with healthy living while being pregnant.

No Calorie Counting – When you’re trying to stay fit and in shape it’s common to count calories as a way of keeping your diet in check. Its pretty simple, just set a standard daily goal of calories and don’t exceed it. However, when you’re pregnant its a different story. The calorie counting should go out the window because your body will be craving all the nutrients that it can get. Now, this isn’t an excuse to eat a ton of junk food, but rather a guide to eat more of the healthy food that you’re used to. Setting up an arbitrary goal won’t work as your caloric needs may vary throughout the pregnancy. Its best to just eat enough to stay satisfied throughout the day. And if that means sneaking a midnight snack then don’t worry about it.

Avoid Caffeine – Coffee in the morning helps plenty of women stay alert during the day, but expecting mothers should put it on hold for a few months. The main factor in this tip deals with a pregnant womans’ sleep cycles. Mothers will see that their sleeping patterns start shifting as they move through each trimester – and by the third one they’ll be requiring plenty of sleep at night and naps during the day. Caffeine in the morning has a way of tampering with this cycle in a bad way, putting mothers on an irregular pattern that’s hard to get off of. For any mother who is having trouble sleeping, doctors often recommend sleeping aids like pillows to make it a more comfortable endeavor. You can find the best pregnancy pillows at this great resource which will help you sleep better.

Postnatal Vitamins are Critical – After delivering a child, mothers should plan on returning to their previous levels of eating and stick with whatever healthy eating choices they’ve been making. Even with a healthy diet, women still need a good number of standard nutrients to pass onto their infant through nursing. The best way to obtain this is a combination of healthy eating paired with postnatal vitamins. These vitamins are designed to carry the right amount of nutrients that make for a nourishing milk. Its common practice for mothers to either nurse at home or wear one of the best nursing bras seen here which allow them to do it anywhere they please.

Cheat Days to Stay Sane – Even the most strict diets can spare some cheat meals along the way. Mothers will find themselves with cravings for food they never knew exists. Trust me, it will keep you sane to give into the cravings every once and a while and spoil yourself with a cheat meal of your favorite junk food.

Is Juicing as Good as Eating Fruits & Veggies?

Talking about juicing can sometime bring about fights and arguments. But, putting aside any differences, it is true that with juicing you are able to much more fruits and veggies in your body than you would if you ate them. Not everyone likes the way the veggies taste and so juicing is sometimes the only way to get veggies in your system. If the taste still bothers you, add in a bit of fruit to drown out the taste of the veggies. Depending on the your tastes, you may or may not enjoy juices as much as consuming them regularly.

When juicing, depending on the juicer you use sometimes you don’t get enough fiber in the juice. But there are many different kinds of juicers to choose from. Some of them take out all the fiber from the fruits and veggies and some don’t. This is one of the reasons it’s good to do your own research when deciding what kind of juicer to get. They normally range from $30 to $300. There are tons of websites that highlights the pros and cons of juicers. It’s generally smart to read some in-depth reviews to get an idea of the kind of juicer you want. Some of them are very loud and some can make less noise than whisking an egg. I’ve found that you can always start of with a juicer that fits your budget and then you can work your way up from there if you fall in love with juicing.

If you’re ready to give juicing a whirl, you may find that you have more energy than before because you now have an easy way to get fruits and veggies into your diet. Juices also are almost magical when trying to get your kids to consume some greens. I’ve had many friends who have had many failures when trying to get their kids to eat their veggies. Luckily their problems vanished when they started making fresh juice for their kids.

Now, if you want to eat the fruits and veggies directly without juicing, a good goal is to consume two fruits and four different types of veggies a day as this will give a good variety of vitamins and minerals. This is about equal to 5 ½ cups a day for a 2,000 calorie diet.

Eating and juicing fresh fruits and veggies gives you much more nutrients than you would if you purchased “100% juice” or “fresh squeezed juice” in the grocery store. Because even if it says those marketing terms it doesn’t say how long it’s been sitting on the shelf. They add preservatives into the juice that makes it so it can sit there and not go bad. When you make your own juice or eat fresh fruit it doesn’t last weeks and when juicing yourself it’s always best to drink it right away so you get the best nutrients from the juice. The longer it sits the less nutrients it has.

Some people would say that juicing is better than eating whole fruits and veggies because the body can absorb the nutrients easier and it gives your digestive system a break from having to digest all the fiber which is one of the reasons you can juice for constipation. Juicing can also help boost your immune system, helps prevent against cardiovascular disease, get rid of toxins in your body, reduce the risk of cancer, help digestion and even help with weight loss. There isn’t any scientific evidence which says that juicing is healthier than eating the fruits and veggies; but at the same time, if you aren’t eating fruits and veggies now, I can guarantee you juicing will help you improve your diet.

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My Jogging Life

Jogging is great! Jogging helps you to stay fit and active and as it is an outdoors activity, it helps you get out of the house and lets you connect with nature. Nowadays, we spend plenty of time indoors: we work indoors, our kids study and play indoors most of the time, and most other activities we do are often done indoors as well. Fresh air is definitely underrated and we should all start realizing that being active outdoors is a great way of improving our health and sense of well-being. As I have recently found out by going out for a daily jog, it is a great way to have fun!

Jogging is an aerobic exercise, and it helps you build and strengthen muscles and burn plenty of calories. It is also a good activity for maintaining a healthy weight. Furthermore, jogging helps you improve your cardiovascular fitness which will enable your heart and lungs to work more efficiently. For many people, jogging also is a good way to manage depression, anxiety and stress.

I really like to stay active and healthy as I feel it’s an important part of life so a while ago I started jogging alongside my sister. I like jogging with her as time would go by faster with the two of us together and it is a lot more enjoyable than jogging alone. Jogging is one of the most popular forms of exercise and that’s because it can be done at any time during the day and needs no gym, it´s as easy as getting some spare time to go out and get moving!

Recently my sister gave birth to a beautiful daughter. My sister enjoyed tagging along and jogging with me so she thought that it would be great to continue to exercise after birth. It would also be a good way to lose those extra kilograms every woman picks up during pregnancy. As soon as she recovered from giving birth, we resumed our little jogs and quickly got back to shape. As soon as her baby daughter has grown enough, my sister decided to start bringing her along on our jogs and bought a new jogging stroller for the purpose after doing some online research. It is working out great and is keeping the baby very active.

My sister and her baby enjoy their time out together with some fresh air. At the same time, both I and my sister got to follow our ideals on healthy living and share those moments with the baby who from a very young age would learn and see the benefits and fun of exercising. Seeing close relatives from a very young age doing this type of activity would definitely influence her in the future and would help her decide to exercise and stay active in the future. A jogging stroller is a great way to get children active and healthy from a very young age; my niece loves her jogging stroller and always looks forward to going out in it.

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